Be familiar with all rules and regulations for the area prior to your hunt. Links to the Ontario Hunting Regulations and to Hullett specific regulations are available in the left menu bar.

Quick Hunting Facts for Hullett

  • Hullett PWA is located in WMU #85
  • For the controlled deer hunt, Hullett PWA is in 85B 
  • Sunday gun hunting is legal
  • Hullett is free to use and open 365 days a year
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  • There is no overnight camping at Hullett
  • The South Maitland River divides the area into two hunting zones, be familiar with the differences before you hunt

Waterfowl Hunting

There are 52 hunting stakes within "Zone A". These stakes are available on a first-come first-served basis, although opening day requires hunters to enter a draw for stakes. For more information on all HPWA waterfowl hunting regulations, please refer to the ​​Hullett User Guide and Migratory Bird Hunting Regulations. GPS coordinates for the hunting stakes are available in UTM as well as Latitude/Longitude (minutes/seconds). If you require a different coordinate system, (such as decimal degrees,) please e-mail us at

Hunting Stakes F1 & F2 are now open

Pheasant Release Program

Friends of Hullett release ring-necked pheasants for your hunting pleasure annually. ​​These birds can be hunted within Zone B only and all Ontario Hunting Regulations and HPWA Rules and Regulations must be followed.

The Pheasant Release Program is a significant strain on the Friends of Hullett operating budget. Memberships, donations and the Pheasant Challenge tickets help offset the cost of the Pheasant Release Program. Be sure to visit "Fundraising" to see how you can help with the this program and be sure to thank our sponsors by supporting their businesses.

Small Game

Due to the varied terrain of the HPWA, hunters have ample opportunity to encounter many species of small game.​​ For most of the hunting season, small game hunters are restricted to Zone B. Please refer to the HPWA Rules and Regulations for more information.

Wild Turkey

Over the past decade, wild turkeys have become a common sight at Hullett. Our agricultural lands and mature forests create ideal habitat. Please refer to the Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary and HPWA Rules and Regulations prior to your hunt. As wild turkey are not considered big game, and there are no waterfowl hunting opportunities during their spring season, wild turkey hunting is permitted in Zone A.

Whitetail Deer

​​There are multiple archery and controlled hunting seasons for Whitetail Deer at the HPWA. For more information regarding hunting seasons, please refer to the Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary.