Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area

Working in harmony with nature.

 ATTENTION: There is NO goose hunting at Hullett for the Feb 28 - Mar 03 hunting season. . . . . . . . . . . Please be aware that the Bald Eagle Buffer is now in affect around the Sanctuary Line Area. Please respect our eagles and give them their space while they are nesting. . . . . . . . . Snow Removal: Please remember that there is no interior snow removal at Hullett. However, when time permits, FOH does plow in parking lots 40672 on Hydro Line and 80602 on Wildlife Line. Drive slow and watch for potholes.


Viewing Stands at Hullett

Wildlife conservation is the primary purpose of Hullett Wildlife Area. Waterfowl use the wetland for nesting,moulting and reproduction. There are two viewing stands at Hullett, the Pintail viewing stand and the Wheelchair Accessible viewing stand. The viewing stands allow visitors to view wildlife from a optimal vantage point.


Viewing stands can be used for viewing Waterfowl, environmental education activities and as a picnic area. The raised elevation of the viewing stands of the Pintail Pool provide a scenic and beautiful view of the Pintail and Bluebill Pools. The tranquil blue water lavishes a serene atmosphere. 

​​​​​The Wheelchair Accessible viewing stand gives an opportunity for people with special needs to view the Pintail and Bluebill Pools.