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Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area

The Hullett Marsh is located along the South Maitland River, and along the Atlantic and Mississippi flyways. It is a multi-use, multi-season facility, known best for its waterfowl and pheasant hunting. Opportunities for deer and small game hunting are also found here, as well as trails for hiking and horseback riding, and routes for canoeing.

In the 1970's and early 1980's, Ducks Unlimited, in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, developed the man-made marsh. Today the marsh is run by a non-profit organization known as Friends of Hullett. FOH consists of a board of directors, two staff, and many volunteers and members.


All donations are greatly appreciated. Help preserve the marsh today- every dollar helps! 

Friends of Hullett is selling tickets for the Annual Pheasant Challenge to help offset the costs of the pheasant release. Purchase your $10.00 ticket for your chance to win:

What's Happening Right Now

Pheasant Challenge

Friends of Hullett releases 1000 ring-neck pheasants into B-Zone every year for hunting purposes. The birds are released on random days throughout the hunting season and will not tell users when they will be released. We recommend all pheasant hunters purchase at least one pheasant challenge ticket to help offset the costs of releasing and purchasing the birds. As an added incentive, 20% of pheasants released are banded and if you bring the band and a pheasant challenge ticket to the FOH office you get an additional prize. 

Pheasant Release

Friends of Hullett wants to see your pictures of Hullett Marsh!

From nature walks to family fun, scenery, wildlife and hunting shots, Hullett wants to see your best.

1st Place Winner receives a FREE Hullett Membership AND their winning photo in a special location in the next User Guide

2nd-6th Place Winners receive their winning photos on the cover of the next User Guide.

For rules of the contest please click the image to the left for details.

Photo Contest

Bluebird Box Overhaul

As one of FOH's many projects, the Eastern Bluebird Box Program has been going on since 2004 in Hullett Marsh. In the last five years maintenance and monitoring has been lacking as has lead to broken boxes, poor placement and lack of data collection. Currently FOH is overhauling this project to reduce the scale of the project, increase the possible bluebird activity, make the project easier for volunteers and collect data to better management. Volunteers are desperately needed to take down selected boxes, remove and place posts, clean out boxes, collect much needed data, fix boxes and make new boxes. These birds are prized habitat indicators and a species of special concern in Ontario. If you are interested in helping in any way please contact FOH staff at fohoffice@tcc.on.ca  .

Current Open Seasons

ALWAYS read and understand provincial, federal, and HPWA rules and regulations before hunting at Hullett Marsh. All users of the marsh MUST abide by the rules, act responsibly, ethically and be considerate of fellow users, the property and neighboring land. 

White-tail Deer (B-Zone ONLY):
Bow Only, no dogs -> Nov 13- Dec 3 and Dec 11 - Dec 31

Migratory Birds:
Waterfowl other than Canada and Cackling Goose -> Sep 23 - Jan 6
American Black Duck -> Sep 23 - Dec 20
Canada and Cackling Goose -> Sep 23 - Dec 27
Woodcock -> Sep 25 - Dec 20

Small Game (B-Zone ONLY):
Pheasant and Gray/Fox Squirrel -> Sep 25 - Dec 31
Cottontail and European Hare -> Sep 25 - Feb 28
Hunting with Falconry Birds -> Sep 1 - Mar 31

Licensed Furbearing mammal trapping has begun in the marsh. Please stay on the trail and maintain control of your dogs and children. Only those with FOH and MNRF approval may trap in the marsh.


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