Welcome to Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area

The Hullett Marsh is located along the South Maitland River, and along the Atlantic and Mississippi flyways. It is a multi-use, multi-season facility, known best for its waterfowl and pheasant hunting. Opportunities for wild game hunting is also found here (with Sunday hunting), as well as trails for hiking and horseback riding, and routes for canoeing.

In the 1970's and early 1980's, Ducks Unlimited, in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, developed the man-made marsh. Today the marsh is run by a not-for-profit organization known as Friends of Hullett. FOH consists of a board of directors, two staff, and many volunteers and members.

What's Happening Right Now

Since the mid-2017, FOH has been working tirelessly to wrangle its Bluebird Box program. Originally created with volunteer caretakers in mind, the Bluebird program had lost it's fire. Boxes are in poor habitat, lost boxes, boxes to difficult to service and all of this lead to little rewards. With the help of dedicated volunteers, FOH has been about to turn over 250 boxes into a more manageable 130. Over 100 boxes were removed with many being reused in better environments. Hours of data collection, post pounding, box repairs and data management have gone into revamping this program. But there is still a lot of work to do. More boxes still need to be placed and posts still need pounding. If you want to help FOH with monitoring, cleaning, maintaining, or building muscle with post jacking/pounding then please contact Friends of Hullett at fohoffice@tcc.on.ca or call us at 519-482-7011. We will work around your schedule.

Eastern Bluebird Boxes & Posts


Hunting Seasons

Hullett Marsh is apart of Wildlife Management Unit 85B. ALWAYS read and understand provincial, federal, and HPWA rules and regulations before hunting at Hullett Marsh. All users of the marsh MUST abide by the rules, act responsibly, ethically and be considerate of fellow users, the property, and neighboring land. Hullett supports Sunday hunting which may affect open season dates and bag limits. Please check the Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary 2018-2019 and Federal Migratory Bird Regulations for more information and bag limits.

White-tail Deer (B-Zone ONLY when migratory birds hunting is active):
Bow Only, no dogs -> Oct. 1-Nov. 14, Nov. 12- Dec. 2 and Dec. 10- Dec. 31

Controlled Shotgun-> SEASON CLOSED 

Wild Turkey (B-Zone ONLY when migratory bird hunting is active): 

Fall Season Bow: SEASON CLOSED

Fall Season Firearm: SEASON CLOSED

Migratory Birds:

Waterfowl other than Canada and Cackling Goose -> Sept. 22- Jan. 5/19

Canada and Cackling Goose -> Sept. 6- Sept 16 and Sept 22- Dec. 26
Woodcock -> Sept. 25-Dec. 20

Mourning Dove -> SEASON CLOSED

Small Game (B-Zone ONLY when migratory birds hunting is active): Pheasant -> Sept. 25- Dec. 31

Gray (Black) Squirrel -> Sept. 25- Dec. 31 

Cottontail and European Hare -> Sept 25- Feb. 28/19

Hunting with Falconry Birds -> Sept. 1- Mar. 31/19

Licensed Furbearing mammal trapping has begun in the marsh. Please stay on the trail and maintain control of your dogs and children. Only those with FOH and MNRF approval may trap in the marsh.


Bald Eagle Buffer Zone

FOH established a 400-metre buffer zone in the fall of 2013 to protect our resident eagle nest from human disturbance. Our resident female is banded and now over 10 years old. Eight eaglets have fledged since the Spring of 2013.

Please respect the privacy of the eagles and the perimeter around the nest site during the posted time period.

 This buffer is active from February 1st to June 15th

View the HPWA map at anytime by clicking the

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7th Place Winner: Nancy Colling

ANNOUCEMENT: Parking lots 40672 Hydro Line Rd. and 80602 Wildlife Ln. will have snow removal as soon as possible throughout the winter.

Pheasant Challenge and Release

You can now purchase your pheasant challenge tickets. $10 per ticket gets you a chance to win a 2,000 Watt Generator or a brand new Savage 555 Over/Under 20 ga. shotgun! Ticket can be purchased by chance at the Hullett Marsh Office, or at Clinton's Sporting Goods. Do not wait to purchase these tickets as they sell fast! You will also be supporting the Pheasant Release where Hullett Marsh releases 1,000 pheasants into the Marsh for all hunters.  These tickets make great stocking stuffers! Please refer to our Rules and Regulations page on hunting regulations for this release. 

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Eastern Bluebird Nest

2019 Photo Contest

Friends of Hullett want to see your pictures of Hullett Marsh! From nature walks, to scenery photos, to hunting shots, Friends of Hullett wants to see your best!

1st Place: A free Friends of Hullett Membership and your photo on the cover of our next User Guide.

2nd-6th Place: Photos will be showcased on the cover of our next User Guide.

Deadline for submitting photos is March 31, 2019.

For details how to submit, please click here