Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area

Working in harmony with nature.

Supporting Hullett Marsh

There are many ways users can get involved to help maintain and keep Hullett Marsh spectacular!

Friends of Hullett are always in need of reports from the marsh. Whether you are hunting for the week or driving by on your way to work, any and all information on the status of the marsh is important. Here are just a few things that FOH likes to hear about:
• Bird and other wildlife sightings
• Conditions of pools and ponds (beaver activity, frozen or thawed, game animal activity)
• Game wildlife activity (Deer, pheasant, goose, waterfowl, etcetera)
• Vandalism
• Dangerous conditions such as flooding, fire, large holes (not potholes, we know about those), and fallen trees.
• Large amounts of garbage or dumped litter
• Trail conditions (overgrown brush, downed trees, flooding, trailblazing clarity)
• Sightings of birds using nesting structures (Bluebird boxes, Screech Owl boxes, Duck boxes and Mallard tubes)
• Empty user guide boxes
• Parking lot and privy conditions

Eyes and Ears
Hullett Marsh is a huge property with many projects, parking lots and trails to maintain. Only with the help of volunteers and generous donations can Friends of Hullett keep the marsh running. With only 2 staff members, usually tied to a desk, any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Helping Hullett from Home
FOH is always updating their website as well as their Facebook page and Instagram accounts. Because of this, you can help us from home!
• Website review: The website is always being updated and changed which means links and items can be broken. Users and viewers can help FOH by checking buttons, links, spelling and looking for gaps in information or ways to improve the site.
• Facebook: Like our Facebook page and comment on our events and posts. Share our page and posts with your friends and family to help spread the Hullett News. 
• Instagram: Follow us on Instagram and use #Hullettmarsh when posting your own photos.
• Photo Contest: Send in your photos for the photo contest for your chance to win a Hullett membership! FOH is always looking for new photos to use in reports and social media and photo contest just adds a little incentive to do so. 
• Raffles and Events: FOH often has raffles and events going on. Currently, we have the Pheasant Challenge which is a raffle to help raise money for the Pheasant Release.

Vanessa Palmer Award

Congratulations to the 2020 Vanessa Palmer Award Winners (we couldn't just pick one!):

Kaori Ono & Courtney Geddes

In honour of Vanessa Palmer, the Friends of Hullett created the "Vanessa Palmer Award" in 2005 which is awarded on an annual basis to deserving youth. Vanessa was elected to the FOH Board of Directors in 2002. In recognition of Vanessa's outstanding commitment and achievement towards environmental education and awareness, the FoH are very proud to present this award.

The $200 honorarium cheque and plaque are presented at our Annual General Meeting in May of every year.

The award will be presented to students exhibiting an awareness of the environment through achievement or contribution. This award is ideally suited for students starting post-secondary education next year in any type of environmental studies.

Candidates are required to submit a letter to the Friends of Hullett by either mail or email. This letter must be received by April 15 each year, stating their environmental achievements and/or contributions. In addition to the letter, the student is required to submit one (1) reference contact to validate their achievements and/or contributions.

Please feel free to email us at for further details.


You can help assist the Friends of Hullett by participating in our fundraising endeavors. All proceeds help to maintain the Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area.

There are raffles and fundraising dinners during the year as well as the Pheasant Challenge.

All proceeds from the Pheasant Challenge go towards continuing the Hullett Pheasant Release Program, as the HPWA is one of the few places left in Ontario that still releases pheasants for the public at no charge. We need your support to continue this release program.

Memorial Fund Donations

The Friends of Hullett remembers the many friends whose families, upon the passing of their loved ones, have generously donated to the Hullett Marsh in their name. Families and Friends can eternally remember their passed loved ones through the Friends of Hullett Memorial Fund. When a loved one passes on, their friends and family can donate money to the Hullett Marsh in their name. When a donation to the memorial fund is made, the Friends of Hullett  will use the funds towards their tree planting program. The loved one's name is put on the Memorial Fund Plaque, which can be observed within the Friends of Hullett Office and annually at the AGM.

All donations to the Friends of Hullett go directly to maintaining the Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area. Donations are used to sustain this property's diverse habitats, ecosystems, wildlife, game, species at risk projects, maintenance and overall infrastructure.

Money donations are accepted in the forms of cash, cheque and debit/credit directed to Friends of Hullett. We now offer donation options through PayPal and and E-Transfer.


With a donation of $35.00 or more, you can become a proud member of FOH. You will receive:
• A beautiful vehicle decal
• A charity tax receipt
• A voice at the Annual General Meeting
• Optional emailed newsletters and event/volunteer updates

To become a Hullett Member, visit our CONTACT US page for more information!

With your help, we can all help manage and maintain the Hullett Marsh for the enjoyment of today's users and future users.