Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area

Working in harmony with nature.

 ATTENTION: There is NO goose hunting at Hullett for the Feb 28 - Mar 03 hunting season. . . . . . . . . . . Please be aware that the Bald Eagle Buffer is now in affect around the Sanctuary Line Area. Please respect our eagles and give them their space while they are nesting. . . . . . . . . Snow Removal: Please remember that there is no interior snow removal at Hullett. However, when time permits, FOH does plow in parking lots 40672 on Hydro Line and 80602 on Wildlife Line. Drive slow and watch for potholes.


Board of Directors

The Friends of Hullett is a group of volunteers interested in the management of the Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area. The day-to-day operation of the Friends of Hullett is managed by a Board of Directors. The board meets on a monthly basis.

  • Chairman - Duane Inkpen
  • Vice Chairman - Mike Cardinal 
  • Treasurer - Ryan Bayne
  • Secretary - Bill Dineen
  • Board Member - Wade Beaudoin
  • Board Member - Jim Bayne
  • Board Member - Mat Shelter
  • Board Member - Danica Rush
  • Board Member - Chris Ambrose