Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area is a perfect place for viewing waterfowl and wildlife such as beaver, muskrats, mink, and deer. It is a great location for photographers and bird watchers. The HPWA provides habitat for over 180 species of birds and over 400 plant species.

All of the ponds are closed to canoeists between May 15 and August 1, to help minimize disturbance to nesting waterfowl. It is always best to map out your trip before you go, as water levels frequently change. Ponds vary in size, and users should use their own experience, sound judgment, training and precautionary safety measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. Keep in mind that each pond has its own water access and to get from one pond to another you will have to portage across our dyke system.

No motors (gas or battery powered) are allowed in Hullett marsh waters at any point in the year EXCEPT by FOH staff. This includes gas and electric motors.

Canoe launches are located near parking lots with the following 911 numbers:

                      40905                          81001                        41494