Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area

Working in harmony with nature.

Employees of the FOH

The Friends of Hullett have two full time employees, and as grants allow, a number of summer students. In this section you will learn more about the employees and their roles at Hullett Marsh. 

Scott Austin: Marsh Manager

After graduating as a Fish & Wildlife Technician from Fleming College, Scott has

since spent his entire career in the outdoor field. He has been a trapper, fishing

guide, as well as gaining eight years of experience of operating a waterfowl guiding

business in Huron County. He served as treasurer and a founding FOH Board of

Directors in the late 1990's. He also spent 15 years with MNRF gathering data on

the southern Lake Huron fishery before owning and operating Bayfield Fish &

Seafood. After looking for something new, Scott has come home, back to his

educational background managing the HPWA with acquired business skills and a passion for the future of the marsh. Scott is in his 6th year as the FOH manager and enjoys the opportunities he gets to work with volunteers and assisting in developing young staff members. 

Alex Morrow: Wildlife & GIS Technician

Alex is a graduate from Fleming College in Fish and Wildlife with a certificate in Aquaculture. After finishing school, he worked in various positions with Planet Shrimp and Cedar Crest Trout Farms before applying for a job with the FOH.