Hullett Hunting Rules & Regulations

The HPWA is provincially owned Crown Land with Sunday hunting. There are no fees to use the property for hunting or other activities. You do not have to call the Friends of Hullett before you come out to hunt. We do however encourage questions as well as any support in the form of donations, memberships, volunteering, material donations or raffle/draw/auction prizes. With only two staff, every bit counts.

General Hunting Rules


  • Loaded firearms are prohibited on or within 8 metres of the edge of a roadway. These roads include Conservation Road, Front Road, Sanctuary Line, Bridge Road, and Burns Line. Law enforcement regularly patrols the Hullett property.


  • Hunting is not permitted near maintenance buildings or on neighbouring private land without the permission of the landowner.
  • A retriever, waders or canoe will be necessary to ensure retrieval of all birds shot. Hunters are required by the Migratory Birds Convention Act to retrieve downed game. Hunting is prohibited within 400 metres of waterfowl baiting locations. Bait sites are marked on the user guide map and are signed on the property.
  • From June 1 to September 1, hunting is prohibited on or near the nature trails.
  • Consult the 2020 Hunting Regulations Summary for a more detailed listing of Ontario's Hunting regulations.
  • Consult the federal Migratory Bird Hunting Regulations for details on the 2018-2019 season.
  • Hullett Marsh supports Sunday hunting. This may affect Ontario Hunting Seasons

Zone A is North/East of the South Maitland River
Zone A is a unit consisting of 1133 ha (2800 acres) of land, of which 680 ha (1680 acres) are flooded with shallow open water. The average water depth within the five compartments is approximately 50 cm (20 inches).

Migratory Bird Hunting Regulations:

Within Zone A, there are 52 hunting stations (stakes) available.

The following regulations apply to lawfully hunt migratory birds in Zone A:

Migratory Bird hunting season must be OPEN.
For morning hunts, check the overnight parking (40874) to make sure no one has claimed the stake you plan to use.
If you arrive before 5:00 am, you must park in the overnight parking. After 5:00 am you must park in your stakes corresponding parking lot.
One vehicle must be parked at a numbered space corresponding with the stake number you wish to hunt at.
Parking lot 40905 Summerhill Rd. is for Stakes 1 to 20
Parking lot 81001 Burns Line is for Field Stake 2, Handicap Blind 1 & 2, as well as Stakes 21-44
Parking lot 41494 Bridge Road is for field stake 1 and stakes 45-50
Stake locations are shown on the property map and within our user guide.
Only two people are permitted at any stake.
Hunters must keep their firearms unloaded and encased except while occupying the blind or stake.
Hunters must hunt within 30 metres of their stake with the same number as their parking spot.


Portable blinds may be used. No person shall cut any vegetation nor erect and leave a blind of any fashion.
Handicap blinds are reserved for only those with a disability (temporary or permanent). Please call or email the Friends of Hullett to reserve a handicap hunting stake.
Some stakes are better for walk-ins than others. These stakes are 1-9, 11, 22, 27, 32, 33, 42, 46, 48-50.
Migratory bird include waterfowl and Mourning Dove
NO ENTRY is allowed in the baited areas (Pintail Pool and Sat Pond 14 behind the office)
You can claim a stake for the following day by parking in the overnight parking lot in front of the stake number you wish to hunt at. A minimum of one person must stay with the vehicle during the night. No tents, trailers or RV are allowed on Hullett Property without permission from the MNRF and Friends of Hullett. After 5:00 am you must move your vehicle to your designated numbers parking lot.

Migratory Bird OPENING DAY Hunting Regulations:

Hunters are required to participate in the stake number draw the Friday before opening day. To participate, waterfowl hunters must park in front of a numbered barrier in parking lot 40874 (see map for details). You must be present with the vehicle for the 10:00 am registration and 12:00 pm draw. For more information on Opening Day procedures see our User Guide on the Home Page.

Small Game Hunting Regulations

It is lawful to hunt small game in Zone A only if the following conditions are adhered to:

1. The season for all migratory birds must be closed. This includes Mourning Doves.

2. The vehicle arrived in must be parked in a designated lot for Zone A but cannot be parked in a parking space designated for a waterfowl stake. There are designated parking spaces for this purpose in Zone A parking lots. Look for the parking barriers that are unnumbered.


Zone B is South/West of the South Maitland River

Zone B is a unit consisting of 1060 ha (2620 acres). This zone consisted of agriculture fields, meadows, forests, tall grass prairies, marginal woodland, swamps, and ponds.

All game for which there is an open season, and during that open season, may be hunted under the following conditions:

1. All hunters must park in one of the designated parking lots (identified on the accompanying map) and position their vehicle in front of an unnumbered barrier. This parking space permits all hunters in the vehicle to hunt anywhere in Zone B.

2. Night hunting for raccoon is legal with the proper license from the MNRF, and coordination with the Friends of Hullett is requested.


Friends of Hullett purchase and release 1000 ring-neck pheasant during the pheasant season for the purpose of hunting in Zone B only.
There is no fee to hunt these birds but it is highly recommended that hunters support the Friends of Hullett Pheasant Challenge:

With the purchase of a pheasant challenge ticket, you are entered in a draw to win a Savage 555 O/U 3" 20 ga shotgun (purchased from Clinton Sporting Goods) and a portable generator donated by Ideal Supply.
20% of pheasants released have bands on them. If you have one of these bands and a pheasant challenge ticket, bring them by the office for a prize!
Pheasants are released at intervals throughout the fall hunting season and may be hunted during the open season. The releasing of pheasants during the season is not scheduled; Hullett staff release birds when they deem appropriate timing. Friends of Hullett staff are not authorized to inform hunters of the whereabouts of the released birds or release times.


Grouse hunting is allowed on Hullett Property but we do not have a large population of them. It is recommended that you don't plan on taking many of these birds from the property so the population can grow.

White-tail Deer

Deer hunting is ONLY allowed in Zone B.

Fish, Turtles and Frogs

No species of turtle, snake and certain species of frogs are allowed to be harvested from HPWA.
Bullfrog does have an open season but Hullett Marsh does not support a large population of these frogs for a sustainable harvest.
Fishing is allowed at Hullett Marsh but the pools and ponds don't tend to support large fish species. The only place in Hullett where there may be harvestable fish is in the South Maitland River.
DO NOT release bait-fish, crustaceans or invertebrates (or pets) into Hullett Marsh for this leads to invasive species and environmental issues.