Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area

Working in harmony with nature.

 Snow Removal: Please remember that there is no interior snow removal at Hullett. However, when time permits, FOH does plow in parking lots 40672 on Hydro Line and 80602 on Wildlife Line. Drive slow and watch for potholes.


Hullett Waterfowler's Association

Vision: A Hullett Marsh with diverse and vibrant habitats supporting all wildlife; but, primarily supporting and promoting waterfowl nesting, roosting, feeding, and migration.

Mission: To preserve and promote the conditions required for waterfowl populations to thrive at Hullett Marsh as required by the Habitat Management Plan for Hullett Marsh.

Strategy: To work with fellow Hullett Marsh waterfowl hunters, the Friends of Hullett (FOH) board of directors and other stake holders and partners of the Hullett Marsh to preserve, protect and improve waterfowling at Hullett Marsh.​​​​​