Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area

Working in harmony with nature.

 ATTENTION: There is NO goose hunting at Hullett for the Feb 28 - Mar 03 hunting season. . . . . . . . . . . Please be aware that the Bald Eagle Buffer is now in affect around the Sanctuary Line Area. Please respect our eagles and give them their space while they are nesting. . . . . . . . . Snow Removal: Please remember that there is no interior snow removal at Hullett. However, when time permits, FOH does plow in parking lots 40672 on Hydro Line and 80602 on Wildlife Line. Drive slow and watch for potholes.


Winter Activities

During the winter, the Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area is transformed. The birds have migrated and some of the animals are hibernating. It is an excellent time to ski or snowshoe and find new and interesting things that are difficult to see during other times of the year.

​​​​​​​Bird nests are more visible in the winter as trees have bare branches. It takes skill to identify a bird nest. Once winter nests have been located, birders are able to return to the area during the breeding season with hopes to see the species who call the nest home. Winter is also a great time to look for animal tracks. Birds, chipmunks, rabbits, deer, foxes and coyotes are still very active in the winter, and the snow is a great way to find travel corridors and home territories of many animals (especially deer).

Visitors are encouraged to enjoy the property and the 12km of nature trails and the 20km of dyke tops. Friends of Hullett would like to remind the public about ice safety. Due to the nature of marshes and springs, ice conditions at Hullett are often poor. Make sure you have the appropriate training before venturing onto the ice. Snowmobile trails cross the property as well and should be avoided by hikers and skiers.

Snowmobiling Ontario

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Enjoy some winter photography captured by local photographer, Dave Minhinnick!

​​The snowmobile trail crosses right through the HPWA! A trail permit is required for trail use, which can be purchased through the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Club. Click the link on the left for the home page where you can purchase a permit and find trail guides.

​Winter is a great time to view the HPWA and take some amazing pictures of the landscape and wildlife! Dave Minhinnick is a local photographer that frequents the marsh. His pictures can be found by clicking the link on the left.