Activities at Hullett Marsh

Hullett Marsh is frequented by many visitors each year, who utilize the marsh in many different ways. To browse through all Hullett has to offer, use the left navigation menu. Below is a list of regulations for all recreational use at Hullett. Rules and regulations can also be found in our User Guide available through our home page and at all parking lots.

General Regulations

Before visiting Hullett Marsh, we encourage you to read our Hullett User Guide.  All 21 parking lots have copies of our User Guide.

Motorized Vehicles

Motorized vehicles are only permitted on maintained roads and parking lots.


  • Daily parking is permitted between 5:00 AMM to 9:00 PM.
  • Overnight parking is only permitted at 40874 Summerhill Road. Camper trailers are not permitted.
  • All hunters must park in one of the designated parking lots (identified on the User Guide map) and position their vehicle in front of an unnumbered barrier.
  • When towing trailers, please don't block access ways, parking spots, or parking barriers. If possible, unhitch and lock trailers and park vehicles beside.
  • Parking is not permitted in front of gates and access routes.


Hullett Marsh is home to many species of plants and animals that are at risk as well as invasive. Protect your environment and Hullett Marsh by not removing, damaging or cutting any plants or downed wood debris without permission from the MNRF and Friends of Hullett staff.

Dogs in General
Dogs must be on a leash or under immediate control by the owner. Do not allow your dog to disturb wildlife (unless for hunting purposes). Please pick up after your dog and DO NOT leave doggy-bags on trails, parking lots or hanging in trees.


Hullett Marsh DOES NOT have garbage cans. If you plan on bringing in litter to the Marsh, no matter what it is, take it back out with you.

Dog Training

Dog training activities on water are permitted in Zone A prior to May 15 and after August 1.

Dog training activities on water are permitted in Zone B prior to May 15 and after July 15.

Dogs are to be leashed or under the immediate control of the handler.

If you use live birds for training you must obtain the appropriate permits from the OMNRF Vineland Area Office. You may need one or both of the following permits:

1. Authorization to Conduct Field Trials and Training During closed season.
2. Authorization to Release Wildlife Imported into Ontario Propagated from Stock Imported into Ontario.

The OMNRF office issuing these permits may be contacted at 905- 562-1177.

Horse Access
Horse Access is permitted throughout the area except in Zone A from October 1 to May 1. Winter access for horses is available in Zone B.

Snowmobiles are permitted only on marked OFSC snowmobile trails.  Please visit for locations of trails and trail status.

Bookings for Group Activities
Booking for any groups, including dog trials, training, bird watching, horseback riding, etc. may be scheduled by contacting the Hullett office at 519- 482-7011. Any large groups found on the property that have no scheduled an event will be asked to leave the marsh.

Water Access
Water access (for any purpose) is not permitted in Zone A between May 15 - August 1 and Zone B between May 15-July 15. This is to minimize disturbances to nesting waterfowl and includes retriever training activities, kayaking, canoeing and wading.

Prohibited Actions


Alcohol is prohibited on public lands under Ontario's Liquor License Act.

ATVs and Snowmobiles

ATVs are not permitted within the Hullett Wildlife Management Area except for Friends of Hullett management purposes, under the permission of Friends of Hullett and in accordance with guided Whitetail Swamp waterfowl hunts. ATVs are extremely damaging to the trails, vegetation and the natural ecosystem of the property. Please remember this and obey the rules.

Snowmobiles are permitted only on marked OFSC snowmobile trails.  Please visit for the location of trails and trail status.


Camping is prohibited unless special permission is received from FOH Board of Directors and OMNRF.

Commercial Operation

Commercial operations will not be located on the property.

Public Land Access

All users are reminded that public access is not permitted at any time within the sanctuaries signed under the Trespass to Property Act. Public access in the Whitetail Swamp is only permitted through guided hunts provided through the Friends of Hullett. See accompanying map in this user guide for locations.


You will notice that the common access points of the Hullett are signed with yellow dots in accordance with the Trespass to Property Act. Some activities and public access in the Hullett may be prohibited. Refer to your user guide for further information.

Baited areas are posted on the property. It is unlawful to hunt migratory birds within 400 metres of where bait has been deposited. Please refer to the Hullett User Guide Map for bait deposit sites. Restricted access to these areas is labeled in the User Guide Map and the website to ensure undisturbed habitat from public use. Public access in these areas is prohibited.