Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area

Working In Harmony With Nature.


 Geocaching is a recreational activity involving the search of a hidden container that can only be found using GPS coordinates. The hidden geocache can be of varying size and usually holds a logbook and various trinkets that other geocachers can leave behind and/or exchange.

This game has seen hidden geocaches all over the world! There are a number of geocaches hidden within the HPWA. Geocaching allows for tourists, travelers and locals to explore the wildlife area (tall grass prairie, dyke systems, wildlife corridors, agricultural fields and various wildlife habitats.) The hidden cache does not encroach or degrade the integrity of the ecosystem at Hullett or require you to travel off the trail system.

If interested in becoming a geocache member, check out the website: or by downloading their app!

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Hullett Marsh Scavenger Hunt

1. Whistler Pool - A large metal fence, use your common sense. Take a look at the back, its above the large crack.

2. Bluewing Pool - Another metal chain, I shouldn't have to explain. Look to the sky, you'll see it with your eye. 

3. Bluebird Boxes - Boxes for birds, there's not many words. Bring into view, box 602. 

4. Main Viewing Stand - Up the stairs you go, just so you know. This one is demanding, look near the railing. 

5. MOTUS - On top of a large hill, this one won't take much skill. You hiked all the way here, so take a break dear. 

6. Conservation Bridge - Take a walk along the bridge, this one won't make you cringe. Searching for a host, look towards the post. 

7. Satelite Pond 5 - Another long hike, it might be easier to bike. These took a long time to make, but what about the intake? 

8. Sanctuary Bridge - You made it to the end, way to go my friend! Search the base, for the large case. Be careful not to fall, we really love you all. *For this cache you will need to bring a prize to take a prize*

This geocache hunt is focused for children and families, but we encourage all to take the time to learn about the marsh! You will need a pencil! Follow the map and the clues to find each small geocache. Each are different colours. Be considerate to all users and make sure geocaches are closed and hidden once again. The last cache has a prize box, please leave a small prize and then take a small prize!

H.C.C. Series - Constance Cemetery

*This Geocache is not on Hullett Marsh Property*

As genealogists we feel this is a way to honour and respect our ancestors.

Please remember you are in a cemetery so please respect the surroundings. "PLEASE NO NIGHT CACHING."

Container is camoed small mayo jar, containing log book, pencil and a few small trinkets.

The cemetery board for Kinburn recorded minutes from 1857 to 1957. During the first meeting, a committee was formed to obtain funds and purchase a site for a graveyard in Kinburn..They were instructed to purchase half an acre of land which would be open to anyone, “without regard to creed, colour or religion.” Space was to be set aside for strangers and people of “indigent circumstances.” Subscribers would be given first choice of the lots. The church closed in 1967. In 1968 the cemetery council cleaned up the site and placed several large monuments, as well as a number of the older flat, white gravestones in a cement platform.

Goose Haven (Ontario)

One of the oldest geocaches in Ontario, this Geocache has been here since 2001!

A conservation and seasonally appropriate waterfowl hunting area. Wear boots. Goose droppings abound.

While searching out this treasure, you will witness buffle heads and canada geese, whistling swans, and lots and lots of muskrats. This cache is hidden in a very environmentally sound fashion, so as not to disrupt any nesting or habitat areas.

*For a hidden hint, visit the geocaching website*

Sugar Shack

This is a quick grab n go cache

See a lot of wildlife on the old sugar bush trail while grabbing this cache and/or hiking this trail. No night caching.

*For a hidden hint, visit the geocaching website*